Hey, I’m Luke

I’m a JavaScript developer working remotely from Manchester, UK

Working as a Frontend engineer for the past 6+ years in a variety of roles now branching out learning lots of new skills to become an indie hacker!

Currently I’m focused on building out a design system and everything web at Kroo.

  • Accessible at all times

    Accessibility is key to any design, build or application it’s the first thing that runs through my mind whilst building anything. 

I keep up with the WCAG specs and build everything accessibility first to the best of my ability.


  • Collaboration

    Collaboration across teams is key to a successful project, great ideas are thought of in groups of great people aligned on the same goal.

    This section also links into documentation but documentation can help create a async environment where everyone is included.


  • Documentation

    Documentation often overlooked is the key to success for any project, in terms of development everything I built should be able to be understood by the next engineer be that next week or in 10 years!

    With templates and Storybook autodocs documentation for anything built is a breeze.


  • Rapid Prototypes

    I’ve developed my own way of working over the past 6 years and most of my success can be attributed to rapid prototypes or quickly spiking out a feature or bugfix.

    Prototype quickly, get informed, inform others its a win win.


The first time I picked up programming was in high school we used a visual programming editor called Scratch, for my exam I was tasked with creating a basic maze game. This didn’t interest, me so I made it more interesting and decided to challenge myself by creating a side scroller in Scratch; I succeeded.

Now I work as a Frontend developer constantly trying new things to keep up to date with the newest tech and how to enhance my current work. I’m moving more into being a generalist and picking up new things like Design(I designed this site), Cloud (AWS) and Backend

Outside work, I enjoy Chess, Swimming, playing and listening to music as well as spending time with my partner and bowing down to every whim of my awesome pup, Daisy.